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Brunswick Jagged Edge Hybrid

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Brunswick Jagged Edge Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

The Jagged Edge Hybrid is the shinier option in the Jagged Edge dual release for Brunswick. The hybrid cover on this ball doesn’t create as much length as the pearlized cover on the Cutting Edge Pearl, but it offers just as much angularity and back end movement. The Jagged Edge Hybrid pairs the new Brink Symmetric core with the Relativity 2.0 Hybrid coverstock. This new cover is finished with Crown Factory Compound on top of 500 and 1000 SiaAir. This smooth finish will easily push this ball farther down the lane than the Jagged Edge Solid, while making a stronger move off the breakpoint.

The Jagged Edge Hybrid uses the new Relativity 2.0 Hybrid to combine versatility and power in one ball with more downlane recovery on medium conditions. The Jagged Edge Hybrid boasts a 500, 1000, Crown Factory Compound finish for good length and strong backend. This is a great ball for handling the transition and when the lanes are breaking down.


Hybrid Reactive


Medium Oil

Good Length and Slightly Angular Hook Motion on Medium Oil Conditions


2.508 (15lb)

.043 (15lb)


Brink Symmetric

Relativity 2.0 Hybrid

500 and 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound