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900 Global Volatility Torque Bowling Ball

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900 Global Volatility Torque Bowling Ball

  • The Volatility Torque™ features a brand new coverstock formulation paired with a proven weightblock.  An emphasis on entry angle for heavier volumes was put on this release!!

    The S84 Response™ Pearl Coverstock represents roughly 2 years of R&D.  This cutting edge material increases the microscopic pores of the surface by over 20%.  This offers never before seen oil absorption.  By offering the ball in a polished pearl finish, we ensure you will see max backend on heavier volumes!!

    At the heart of things is the proven Volatility™ Core.  With it’s low rg and high diff, it will provide a wide footprint on the lane.  The moderate intermediate diff ensures that the core will save as much energy as possible for the backend!!

  • Coverstock: S84 Response™ Pearl

    Finish:  1500 Polished

    Color: Emerald/Steel/Violet

    Core: Volatility Asymmetric

    Flare Potential: 5+″

    SKU: GVQ

    Available Weights: 12-16 lbs