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Motiv Primal Rage Remix Bowling Ball

Sale price $149.97 Regular price $249.97

Engineered for heavy oil, the Primal Rage Remix features new Raw Fusion cover stock.  This new cover makes the Remix a stronger and more aggressive ball than the original red pearl Primal Rage.

It features the proven dual-density Impulse V2 core, which provides both a high RG to retain energy and a higher differential to boost track flare and initiate a strong move on higher volumes of oil. The Primal Rage Remix will be slightly longer on heavy oil than the Jackal and will produce a more angular move toward the pocket.

The Remix will not only be a versatile piece for average bowlers with a low to moderate rev rate, but will also be the perfect heavy oil ball for the high rev tournament bowlers that do not like asymmetric equipment.  Having symmetric specs, the Primal Rage Remix will be able to push further down the lane before it begins to transition

- Coverstock:Raw Fusion Hybrid Cover
- Core:Impulse V2
- Factory Finish:4000 Grit LSS
- Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.55
- Differential (Diff): 0.050