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*RARE* Clear Soccer Ball Bowling Ball - OnTheBall

Sale price $134.97 Regular price $499.99

The Soccer bowling ball was a hit the last time one was produced. Every time a manufacturer comes out with a clear bowling ball they sell like hot cakes, and someone is always calling us up to see if we can get still get one for them. Well here is your chance to get a better looking, clearer soccer bowling ball than ever before. And some great news it is available in 14 & 15 lbs.

This clear Soccer Ball can be used as a spare ball, or as your main bowling ball for straight bowlers. Unique, eye catching design - you will definitely impress the people in your league. Don't be surprised if complete strangers try to strike a conversation with you. Makes a great gift for a bowling buddy and in general - you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on the person getting the gift.