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Storm Pitch Purple Solid Urethane Bowling Ball

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The Storm Bolt logo is easily identifiable, and so should be your ball reaction. The Pitch Purple features a redesigned coverstock with the tried-and-true Capacitor Core. This not only retains the phenomenal control and feel of its predecessor, the Pitch Black™, but it also lives up to the iconic backend motion that Storm is renowned for. This high level of control will provide aggressive players with the license to swing for power. Finesse players will find their mark without fuss while the ball maintains ample power at the pins.

Storm Pitch Purple Bowling Ball

Higher rev players and those with slower speeds are going to love the Capacitor Core as it is a true-rolling masterpiece. Pure predictability at its finest, this design makes you the ultimate master of your ball motion. The higher RG, lower differential will give the bowler a long and smooth roll on tougher conditions.

Rev-Control Urethane has enough backend potential to hit steep angles and confidently make it back to the pocket. This rare combination of urethane midlane with responsive backend is a bonus that makes this ball one of the most maneuverable balls to date.

Storm Pitch Purple Bowling Ball Specs 

Weight Block: Capacitor Core

Cover: Rev-Control Urethane
Finish: 1000 Grit
Flare Potential: Low
Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.57
Differential (Diff): .022
Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): .NA
Fragrance: None