3G Mens Racer Black Red Right Hand Bowling Shoes

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3G Mens Racer Black Red Right Hand Bowling Shoes

Our highly anticipated new 3G Racer – the pinnacle of bowling shoe innovation! Meticulously crafted with a focus on unprecedented performance, these cutting-edge shoes boast a high-quality design that has been meticulously developed through extensive research and rigorous testing.

The 3G Racer showcases an optimized fit that embraces every contour of your foot with unparalleled precision. Its sleek, three-dimensional embossed design adds a touch of sophistication to your bowling look, setting you apart from the competition.

We’ve taken comfort to the next level by incorporating front nose mesh holes and side vents, ensuring optimal airflow and breathability throughout every game. No more sweaty feet and discomfort – enjoy a refreshing experience with the 3G Racer.

But that’s not all – when you choose the 3G Racer, you also receive a shoe carry bag and a shoe cover to keep your prized footwear in pristine condition. Want to switch things up? We’ve got you covered with an additional sole and heel, allowing you to customize your bowling experience to perfection.

Experience unrivaled performance and elevate your game with the 3G Racer – the future of bowling footwear. Additional Racer parts are available to further enhance your experience.

  • Included are a shoe carry bag, a shoe cover, an additional sole and heel.

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